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JUMO ecoLine and tecLine pH and ORP combination electrodes for swimming pools

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JUMO ecoLine and tecLine pH and ORP combination electrodes for swimming pools

The condition of swimming and bathing pool water must by law be such that it does not constitute a risk to human health. Numerous measurements are needed for checking the quality of the pool water. The most important parameters for the pool water quality are the pH value and ORP. DIN 19643 stipulates which values these two parameters must have. Depending on the type of bathing water (fresh water or sea water), the measurements are not allowed to go above or below the range 6.5 to 7.8 pH and 700 to 770 mV. The pH value can affect the disinfection, flocculation and filtration of the water. An excessive pH will, for instance, reduce the disinfectant effect of the hypochlorite. The ORP can be used to evaluate the bactericidal effect of the water in the pool. This then enables more efficient application of the disinfectant agents.
In order to ensure that these limits are reliably maintained, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG in Fulda, Germany, now offers the user a broad choice of different electrodes. Thanks to the highly successful conductive system in cartridge style, which has been continually improved over many years, combined with the improved JUMO Gel that is used as the reference electrolyte, you can be sure that the electrodes deliver stable measurements. JUMO pH/ORP combination electrodes from the ecoLine and tecLine series have established themselves through years of use in pool water treatment plant. Together with the JUMO dTRANS pH01 and AQUIS 500 series of transmitters, they provide the user with a coordinated measurement setup that ensures optimum treatment of the water, cuts costs, and reduces the load on the environment.
For a long time now, JUMO has been one of the leading manufacturers of electrodes for pool water treatment. Expert advice, short delivery times, and an enormously high level of customer satisfaction are all everyday facts for us. JUMO is your expert partner for measurement and control instrumentation – all around the globe.



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