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JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt Paperless recorder with new features

PI 1558

JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt  Paperless recorder   with new features

JUMO paperless recorders record measurement data with a great deal of accuracy and archive them in a manner which is protected against manipulation.
With the newest development stage of the paperless recorder JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt, now also measurement data can be visualised online in a network with an excellent picture quality. This is new and should be mentioned because measurement data of not only one paperless recorder, but of up to four diverse devices can be shown at the same time.
In addition, and this is previously unique in this performance class, in the web server which is available serially individual and user specific web pages can be created and shown with the Internet Explorer.
The possibilities which this new device function provides can currently only be speculated on. First customer reactions however show that there is a large number of applications, that is useful functions for the user which can be realised with little trouble. The programming of individual web pages for LOGOSCREEN nt is offered as a service by JUMO but can also be carried out by the user himself.



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