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JUMO MIDAS S05 Low cost pressure transmitter with compact and robust construction

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JUMO MIDAS S05 Low cost pressure transmitter with compact and robust construction

The newly developed pressure transmitter MIDAS S05 from JUMO offers a high quality at a low price. This was reached through a consequently cost-oriented design, the use of modern production technologies and a maximum of automation.
The completely welded measurement system made of stainless steel is suitable for almost all media and the use under the rawest conditions. It offers optimum safety in view of a leakage of the process agent. The used silicon sensor itself can endure extreme burdens in the lowest measurement range of 250 mbar and can perform millions of pressure cycles. Especially this durability while under extreme pressure is important for applications in the area of pump control, since here often pressure peaks and cavitation must be considered. There are many areas of application in cooling and air conditioning facilities, in compressors, in mechanical engineering, in the field of commercial vehicles and in industrial pneumatics. For the connection to the process there are a number of thread forms and sizes.
In addition to the classified pressure measurement ranges from 250 mbar to 40 bar in relative and absolute pressure, also special measurement ranges for cooling technology have been considered. As an electrical output there are common electricity, voltage and ratio metric signals. The new pressure transmitter has a good long-term stability, is temperature compensated and has a non-linearity of < 0.5 . All requirements which are common on the market for the EMC, vibration and shock durability have been fulfilled and exceeded.
The modular construction of the JUMO MIDAS S05 makes it possible to quickly and flexibly react to customer demands.




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