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Compact and Reliable

The JUMO eTRON M100 two-channel microstat

PI 1871

Compact and Reliable

Wherever temperatures with several limit values need to be monitored, microstats are used. Due to its compact design type and comprehensive functionality, the JUMO eTRON M100 two-channel microstat is an ideal addition to the successful JUMO eTRON-series.

The basic version of the device contains two measuring inputs (Pt100, Pt1000, KTY21x-6, KTY2x-6) for temperature detection and three relay outputs (1 × 16 A/230 V and 2 × 8 A/230 V), which can be freely assigned to both measuring inputs. The voltage supply is AC/DC 12 to 24 V, 48 to 63 Hz.

As an option it is possible to add a fourth relay (16 A/230 V) or a buzzer for an acoustic alarm. On a three-figure, backlit LCD display measured values, limit values, and parameters can be shown and edited. Three buttons on the front and clearly structured operator guidance ensure quick and easy startup and parameterization.

Information on the runtime of the plant or an upcoming service interval is supplied by the integrated operating hours and service counter. An optional data logger function indicates the measured values and switching statuses of the relays. The RS485 interface with Modbus protocol enables the readout of the data logger as well as the device connection and communication with superior systems.

Alternatively, the setup program and PC interface provide the additional option to conveniently perform parameterization using a PC or laptop and save it as a setup file. A visual representation of the saved measured values and switching statuses is made available – as a diagram or a table – by the evaluation software that is also integrated in the setup program.

The 76 mm × 36 mm format of the device is intended as standard for installation in the front of the panel. For mounting on a DIN rail, a retaining bracket is supplied as an accessory.



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