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JUMO TYA 432 Thyristor Power Switch (709020)


  • Load currents 20 A, 25 A, 40 A, 60 A
  • Mains voltage 240 V, 600 V
  • Control voltage 4 to 32 V DC
  • Single phase version, three phase version
  • With heat sink
  • Control and power section galvanically isolated
  • Varistor to protect against voltage peaks
  • The input status is displayed by an LED
  • UL approval


  • Contactless switching of alternating current loads (resistive inductive) with a high switching frequency
  • Plastics and packaging industry
  • Air-conditioning and heat technology
  • Industrial furnace construction


Thyristor power switches are required for contactless switching of alternating current loads. A typical application is the switching of resistive inductive consumers at a high switching frequency. This applies especially to the industrial sector in areas such as the plastic and packaging industry, air conditioning and heat technology, and industrial furnace construction. The control and power section is galvanically isolated by optocouplers. The control signal range is compatible with the logic outputs of JUMO controllers. The power section operates as a zero voltage switch. As a result switching always takes place at zero voltage, irrespective of the time when the control signal changes. This way, interference voltage is avoided. The input status is displayed by an LED.

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