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Platinum-Chip Temperature Sensors in SMD Design Type According to DIN EN 60751, PCS Design Type (906125)


  • For temperatures from -50 to +150 °C (-70 to +250 °C)
  • Standardized nominal values Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
  • Standardized tolerance classes F0.1, F0.15, F0.3, F0.6
  • SMD design type 1206 (3216M) and 0805 (2012M)
  • Gold-plated nickel wrap-around contact
  • Solderability according to IEC/DIN EN 600068-2-58
  • Belt packaging according to DIN IEC 286-3
  • High load capacity


  • For the automated placement on circuit boards
  • For surface and ambient temperature measurements on circuit boards
  • For temperature sensor boards (measuring insert)


Platinum-chip temperature sensors of SMD design type are the preferred choice for the automatic placement of electronic circuit boards in large-scale production. Due to their small size the SMD temperature sensors can be applied at a very high placement density.
They are available with nominal values of 100, 500, and 1000 Ω according to DIN EN 60751. All JUMO temperature sensors of the SMD design type have high-quality gold-plated nickel wrap-around contacts with diffusion barrier. They are also designed for lead-free soldering. The ultrapure and even quality of the wrap-around contacts allow very pure intermetallic phases to be formed in the soldering process. This is reflected in the very stable solder connections and high temperature cycle stability of the sensor.
The favorable linear characteristic curve, the wide temperature measuring range, and high measuring accuracy along with outstanding long-term stability make these standardized SMD temperature sensors the ideal choice. The delivery is strapped in (small quantities can also be delivered loose in bags). Storage, even over several years, is easily possible.