JUMO Safety Performance

The new brand for safety

JUMO Safety Performance stands for maximum safety. With this brand, JUMO brings all products together that are suitable for safety-related systems. These include SIL and PL certified devices as well as passive elements that can be used in SIL and PL measuring chains. These are labelled with SIL Qualified and PL Qualified.

Dangerous ignition sources and explosion protection

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More safety with JUMO Safety Performance

The JUMO safetyM STB/STW is an attractive alternative to the safety programmable logic controller. This safety limiter/monitor is equipped with three different functional outputs and enables the simple implementation of a compact one-channel safety controller. Such a solution is especially well suited for smaller applications like special machines or individual applications with low signal density or low number of signals. Different temperature probes can be directly connected to the JUMO safetyM without transmitters. Other measurands such as pressure or level can be measured using a normal input signal.

The compact solutions for temperature, pressure and level

The compact solutions for temperature, pressure and level.


More time and safety

Based on decades of experience in temperature measurement technology and safety controllers, JUMO has already developed a safety-related compact solution for the temperature measurand which does not require further verifications or calculations. Here, the one-channel safety controller JUMO safetyM is combined with JUMO RTD temperature probes or thermocouples. The manufacturer's declaration issued by JUMO establishes a certified SIL 3/PL e compact solution. Compact solutions for the measurands pressure, level, and flow can be designed up to SIL 2 und PL d depending on the choice of sensor technology and actuators. The calculation is done by the user. The JUMO Safety Performance team of experts supports the user with the calculations for compliance with the specified directives

Icon1 Certified measuring chain up to SIL 3 - More reliable!
Icon 2 Highest flexibility – Tailored to your process!
Icon 3 Competent consulting b y the JSP competence team!

Request for safety data for JUMO products

If you use JUMO products, especially temperature probes for safety-related systems, we can support you in evaluating your plant. For this purpose, we have implemented an extra field in the inquiry form for the respective temperature probe. You can use this to request the relevant safety-related data (MTBF, MTTFD and FIT).

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