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JUMO TYA S201 and S202 as high-quality entry-level models

Thyristor Power Controllers for Simple Heating Applications

JUMO has extended its comprehensive range of high-quality power controllers with 2 sophisticated entry-level models: the JUMO TYA S201, a one-phase thyristor power controller for burst-firing operation, and the JUMO TYA S202, a three-phrase thyristor power controller for burst-firing operation in economy circuits.


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Both thyristor power controllers can be used in industrial ovens and dryers, in flow-type and air heaters, as well as in simple heating applications for currents of 20 to 250 A. The devices can be put into operation quickly and easily using the optional PROFINET interface. They can be installed in a particularly space-saving manner due to the close mounting.

Both devices have a "Teach-In" function. This self-learning function allows the partial load failure detection limits to be set automatically. The cyclical calibration ensures that monitoring is permanent and precise, even if the specifications of the heating element change.

Direct access to all relevant process data provides a quick overview of the machine state and allows for predictive maintenance through integrated diagnostic systems.

The configuration of the power controllers can be carried out directly on the devices without additional tools via a keyboard and a plain text display. All of the configuration parameters can be transferred from the control to the power controller, which is a unique feature in this device class.

A setup program can be used to also configure via a USB interface. Here, the transfer of the setup data directly to the device is possible without a voltage supply.

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