Water management on ships

Conductivity measurement

The degree of desalination in reverse osmosis can be determined by simply measuring the conductivity. For this purpose, the conductivity is measured before and after reverse osmosis. The JUMO CTI-500 inductive conductivity transmitter is used to monitor and control the conductivity. The integrated temperature measurement enables precise and rapid temperature compensation, which is particularly important when measuring conductivity.

Process data
Conductivity max. 2500 μS/cm at 20 °C

Our components for conductivity measurement

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Reliable desalination monitoring with JUMO

The success of the desalination process is ensured by comparative conductivity measurements before and after the reverse osmosis. This also ensures that the limit values for drinking water are not exceeded. JUMO provides you with a complete system for this purpose, including sensors, transmitters and the JUMO AQUIS touch multi-channel measuring instrument. As a central system, it records all measured values, takes over control and regulation functions and even registers values that must be verified.

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