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Process technology

Sequence control made easy

Coordinating different processes, tasks, and workflows seamlessly and error-free costs time, resources, and often nerves. It's a good thing that JUMO's intuitive sequence control is available. After all, it makes the automation of process technology processes and the linking of process steps child's play thanks to its modular structure, browser-based technology, and a configurable process editor. You benefit from:

User groups for sequence control

  • Plant manufacturers

    (Creation of a catalog with process steps for plant operators, definition of different plant types, provision of standard programs, etc.)
  • Plant operators

    (Configuration of new programs and recipes via graphical program editor; no step chain programming required, shift planning, quality checks, plant monitoring, etc.)
  • Plant user

    (Starting and stopping the prepared programs, entering individual batch data, carrying out temporary changes and specific process steps in manual mode, etc.)
Process technology in meat processing

Process technology in meat processing

Process control within the company

Our system solution for PLC sequence control makes day-to-day business easier and creates space for new ideas − whether that involves controlling industrial process plants, monitoring product quality, or creating batch reports. Recipe creation and recipe management in the food industry has never been easier than with our process technology editor. But numerous other industries can also optimize their PLC step chains, increase machine output, and improve the quality of the end product.

It's that simple!


Step chain control and sensor technology

In combination with intelligent JUMO sensor technology and services, sequence control becomes a powerful complete solution that minimizes downtimes and guarantees smooth process sequences. You benefit from a professional and reliable contact who can support you in all areas of sensor and automation technology. Customized systems for process control and process monitoring are also possible thanks to our engineering.

Sequence control success story

The JUMO brewing plant, which was especially created for the company's 75th anniversary, brings together all the JUMO solutions that are relevant for the brewing process in one compact system. The required step chains are automated, monitored, and visualized by our sequence control software. CIP cleaning is started automatically after the brewing process.


Sequence control at a glance

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