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Blog Post August 22, 2022

International Manufacturing Technology Show & JUMO

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the largest and longest-running manufacturing trade show in the western hemisphere. IMTS 2022 will be held September 12-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Back for the first time since 2018, The International Manufacturing Technology Show brings together the best and brightest in digital and traditional manufacturing. With over 15,000 new machining technologies and digital manufacturing solutions expected to be showcased at the event, JUMO is excited to connect with others in the industry and share the latest technology solutions we’ve developed to help solve today’s manufacturing challenges and improve efficiency.


JUMO is proud to present smartWARE—a supervisory control and data acquisition program (SCADA) designed for intuitive data analysis and the visualization of processed data.
JUMO smartWARE optimizes the remote nature of SCADA software by integrating seamlessly with other web-hosted JUMO products, such as JUMO Cloud, and pre-established telemetry gathering equipment within your factory. While integrated, your data is secured through the use of user certificates, data encryption, manipulation detection, and more.
In addition to being browser-hosted, easily integrated, and secure, JUMO smartWARE SCADA delivers:

  • Alarm management with on-call planning
  • Unlimited user access via web browser
  • Data security
  • Zero installation software, add-ons, or plugins
  • Plant control
  • Scalable model
  • Integrated map service
  • Camera integration
  • Minimum/maximum monitoring
  • And more...

JUMO Devices Compatible with JUMO smartWARE SCADA

We created JUMO smartWARE SCADA with ease of use, accessibility, and security in mind. It connects effortlessly with other JUMO devices to enhance the connectivity and overall communication quality of data gathered within your plant.

JUMO Cloud

With JUMO Cloud—a browser-based data management and archiving software—plant and manufacturing data is gathered through RTUs and other communication infrastructure, then archived within the Cloud. This archived data is easily accessed and managed within the Cloud and can be exported to JUMO smartWARE SCADA to create well-organized and controlled telemetry data.

JUMO variTRON 500

The JUMO variTRON 500 acts as a hub for automation data that can be exported to the JUMO Cloud and JUMO smartWARE SCADA. This automation hub, connected with the Cloud and smartWARE SCADA, empowers manufacturers to take total control over their plant data, plant function, and automation systems.

Manufacturing Technology Advancements from JUMO

With JUMO smartWare SCADA, disorganized and vulnerable data is a thing of the past. JUMO smartWARE SCADA’s focus on data security, JUMO Cloud integration, and JUMO’s dedication to continual improvement ensures your plant data is safe and secure, and easily accessible for timely audits.
JUMO is your partner in sensors and automation. Visit booth #135066 at IMTS to learn how we are solving some of today’s biggest challenges in manufacturing.


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