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Blog Post April 22, 2022

Dependable Temperature Measurement Devices for Any Industry

Here at JUMO, we offer a full line of reliable temperature measurement devices for many industries.

As one of the most important measures in many industries, applications, and operations, it’s critical that temperature regulating tools are reliable and accurate. Not only can inaccurate temperature readings lead to a poor quality final product, but they could also pose a serious safety risk to employees and consumers alike. Fortunately, temperature products are one of JUMO’s core areas since the company was established in 1949. This high level of expertise and expansive, reliable product range reflects that background in everything that we do.

Industries and Applications Needing Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement devices are used across many industries:

  • Food & Beverage - The manufacturing of any food or beverage item can be negatively impacted by an inaccurate temperature sensor anywhere along the process. Not only can this influence the taste and quality of the final product, but also the safety of the consumer. Many foods need to be thoroughly cooked prior to being consumed. It’s critical that the sensors in the process are reliable and accurate to prevent widespread disease or inconsistent product quality - neither are good for an organization!
  • Water and Wastewater- Temperature measurement provides a critical backup to other wastewater measurements such as turbidity, suspended solids, pH, and dissolved oxygen. For the health and safety of the public, it is critical that all measurement devices are reliable and accurate.
  • Railway Technology- Air conditioning systems are responsible for generating cold and hot temperatures in passenger compartments. Air heating, hot-water heating, and convection heating are often used to assist the compartment’s air conditioning system. Due to this, monitoring the pressure and temperature is particularly important not only for comfort, but for the health and safety of passengers and crew.
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning Technology - It’s critical to use temperature measurement devices to prevent the development of potentially ignitable energy. Measurement devices are also critical for the operations of heating and air-conditioning technology - I bet you wouldn’t like your thermostat if you couldn’t get an accurate temperature reading!
  • Ship Building- Heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems ensure the optimal temperature for cargo, crew, and passengers. Heat exchangers are used for heating and cooling systems. All required measurement and control technology must meet standards set forth by the shipping industry. At JUMO, you can obtain sensor and automation technology with approvals according to Bureau Veritas and DNV FL.

Finding Your Reliable Temperature Measurement Tool

With so many options out there, how are you going to find the right tool for your project? We are here to help! At JUMO, we make accurate temperature measurement tools for a wide range of industries.

Are you a food industry professional looking for a food insertion RTD temperature probe? You may have an interest in the JUMO FOODtemp. Due to their special construction, these robust, steam-tight food insertion RTD temperature probes are especially suited for cooking, boiling, and baking processes in all food processing and food preservation applications. They can also be used in autoclaves and sterilizers. Not only do they have multiple measuring points, but they’re also pressure-resistant!

Maybe you’re in need of a thermometer with wireless data transmission capabilities? One of our best selling temperature probes, the Wtrans T, does just that! With the ability to acquire temperatures in the operating ranges of -30 to +260 °C or -200 to +600 °C, you can’t go wrong with this option. This measured value is transferred wirelessly to the receiver of the Wtrans measuring system. This makes it ideal for mobile or stationary temperature measurement without any wiring work.

Temperature sensors and temperature probes, including RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, and even wireless temperature measurement devices are successfully implemented throughout various industries and applications. This can range from room temperature measurements in commercial building management to high-temperature measurements in furnace construction. No matter the industry or application, JUMO has a solution for you.

Accurately measuring temperature is a critical part of operations in several industries. Measuring and controlling temperature is important to prevent disasters such as fires and explosions and to ensure safety, quality, and control. Temperature measurement devices need to be accurate and reliable, no matter the application they are used in. That’s where JUMO can help.

At JUMO, we make a wide variety of temperature measurement and control devices that are reliable, consistent, and top of the line. Our advanced and innovative solutions can help streamline your business operations to boost productivity.

Contact us online or call us at 315-437-5866 to learn more about our approach to solving some of the common problems in temperature measurement applications. We are dedicated to helping you find a solution for your business’ temperature measurement needs - JUMO is your partner for sensor and automation solutions.


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