Discover the JUMO Cloud
Blog Post June 20, 2022

Discover the JUMO Cloud | Sensors Converge Expo 2022

Sensors Converge is an Expo and Conference that started almost 40 years ago. Initially focusing only on sensor technology, the event has diversified and expanded to include electronics technologies and embedded systems, as well as emerging application areas such as IoT (Internet of Things), Connectivity, Autonomous, Medical, and more.

Sensors Converge brings together the sensors and electronics community to cover the biggest design and engineering trends driving innovation.

JUMO will be exhibiting at Sensors Converge in San Jose, California this year. We are excited to meet and learn from industry leaders while sharing our JUMO Cloud and other devices. Be sure to stop by booth #738 during the Expo from June 27-29th.

JUMO Cloud

JUMO Cloud is an IOT platform for secure process management. This Internet of Things platform is for process visualization, data acquisition, evaluation, and archiving to enable worldwide access to measurement data all from common web browsers.

Not only is the JUMO Cloud characterized by trustworthy and superior high-security, it is also known for its valuable visualization, alarm, and planning functions.

Benefits of the JUMO Cloud

  • Global Access
    • JUMO Cloud allows you to access, process, and optimize information with individually configurable user rights and dashboards
  • Reduced Outlay
    • JUMO stores and backs up data on your behalf
  • Data Security
    • Certification, end-to-end encryption, and redundant infrastructure allow for the highest level of data security
  • Alarm Management
    • Data evaluation, availability planning, monitoring, and remote alarm functions come standard
  • Unlimited Access
    • Access to dashboards is available on any number of end devices with common web browsers carrying out the installation.

A variety of different process value signals can be processed in the JUMO Cloud. For example, a signal may be a sensor's measured temperature value. This measured value is securely sent to the JUMO Cloud computer center via a device from the JUMO variTRON family using an encrypted protocol. The signal/measured temperature value in the JUMO Cloud can be viewed and managed via Here, the entire communication is encrypted and the data is saved in a German computer center in compliance with the GDPR.

With JUMO Cloud, your data is safe and always accessible to you, and only you.

JUMO Devices Compatible with JUMO Cloud

JUMO Cloud will work with any sensor connected to a variTRON, or device that can be read with MODBUS TCP connected to a variTRON. JUMO devices that can do this are our Logoscreen 601/700, DICON Touch, and AQUIS Touch. Older JUMO devices that have ethernet, such as the LOGOSCREEN nt/fd, can be utilized with the JUMO Cloud as well.

Innovations at JUMO

At JUMO, we are always innovating and pushing the limit with our newest sensor technology and we cannot wait to share them with you in person at the 2022 Sensors Converge Expo and Conference. We hope you will not miss the opportunity to learn about our newest update coming later this summer! With the ability to communicate with other variTRON and older serial devices, such as our Imago and dTRON series of controllers, we promise it will not disappoint.

From temperature sensors to pressure sensors, JUMO is your partner in advanced, innovative sensor technology.

We are looking forward to connecting with you at the 2022 Sensors Converge Expo and Conference! Stop by booth #738 to discover why JUMO is your partner in sensors and automation.


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