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Blog Post November 05, 2021

How JUMO Serves the Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past several decades. The growth has presented significant opportunities for us at JUMO to provide the best technology possible. Furthermore, demands from food safety regulations, customers, and retailers continue to intensify, forcing the food and beverage sector to evolve to meet these needs.

At JUMO, we provide a range of technological solutions aimed at giving you cutting-edge performance. JUMO understands that the food and beverage industry has diverse needs. That is why our experts work with you to integrate technology that addresses your company’s specific challenges. Our innovative solutions cover the entire measuring chain, including:

  • Sensors
  • Automation products – for pressure, flow rate, temperature, filling level, liquid analysis, and humidity.

Essentially, JUMO creates flexible advanced solutions that help streamline operations, increase profitability and build valuable business relationships. We work with a team of professionals who combine decades of IT experience with extensive knowledge to solve your biggest challenges in business. For example, the making of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, can require very specific temperatures for cold fermentation. JUMO products help with the making of quality food products such as alcoholic beverages or ice cream!

Whether you want to increase resource recovery, operational efficiency, optimize cost, differentiate your brand, or reduce climate-related risks, JUMO offers what you need to scale in your specific niche. Our technological solutions include:


When it comes to automation, JUMO offers various products like digital indicators, process controllers, temperature transmitters, and SCR power switches through complete measurement, control, and plant automation software.

Many businesses are phasing out traditional systems to embrace automated solutions. So, implementing JUMO automation products can help increase liquidity and transparency, reduce human errors, and eliminate the risk of theft.


Technological advancements are forcing many businesses to embrace paperless systems, and the food and beverage sector is not an exception. At JUMO, we strive to provide documentation solutions that help your business stay organized and secure.

As such, our paperless recorders can allow you to collect, store, and evaluate your business data with ease. Plus, all our devices incorporate merged Lifecycle Data Management. Based on your specialization, we also offer FDA or ATEX-approved recorders for specific industries like refrigeration.


In the food industry, businesses such as fast food and sit-down restaurants need to ensure their food products are refrigerated correctly at all times. Like other industries with different production processes, the food and beverage sector needs to control variables like humidity, temperature, flow, and pressure. These elements often require maximum accuracy and function. Our product line includes inexpensive and quality electronic and electromechanical thermostats via compact PID controllers and automation solutions.


Our sensor and automation solutions also aim at providing effective monitoring abilities to ensure smooth operations. For that matter, JUMO offers electromechanical and electronic thermostats, which you can implement as monitors, safety switches, or temperature limiters. Can you imagine food service providers offering ice cream that has not been kept frozen due to an unmonitored faulty freezer?

Furthermore, all of our devices are thoroughly tested and meet DIN quality standards. Using our monitoring solutions can help minimize residual risk for the machine, the environment, and even man to an acceptable level.


JUMO offers an extensive range of techniques to enable you to measure, record, and manage flow velocities of liquids, gases, and vapors. Our line of products include differential pressure measurement, paddlewheel flow sensors, and electromagnetic inductive measurements, each designed to suit various applications.

The Bottom Line

JUMO’s advanced innovative solutions can help streamline your business operations to boost productivity. Please contact us online or call us at 315-437-5866 to learn more about our approach to solving some of the prevailing problems in the food and beverage industry.


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