JUMO delos Pressure Measurement Devices For Safe & Reliable Results
Blog Post April 11, 2022

Pressure Measurement Devices For Safe & Reliable Results

At JUMO, we offer a full line of pressure measurement devices for a wide range of applications.

Accurately measuring pressure levels is an important aspect of modern industrial applications. Measuring and controlling pressure, which is defined by the force acting on a unit of area, is a significant aspect to preventing disasters such as explosions. Pressure measurement instruments need to be accurate and reliable, no matter what application they are used in.

At JUMO, one of our core product lines are pressure measurement tools. We make high quality and reliable pressure sensors and switches, pressure transducers, and differential pressure transmitters. With our 70+ year history in sensor technology, we are proud to offer our full range of devices to meet and exceed your needs.

Industries and Applications Needing Pressure Measurement

Pressure measurement devices are used in many industries such as:

  • Food and beverage industry: Beer makers can monitor the quality of their beer by monitoring pressure levels. It’s key for brewers to have reliable and accurate pressure measurement tools to produce the highest quality beer product.
  • Water and wastewater industry: Water treatment facilities use pressure monitors and sensors throughout their daily operations to ensure protocols are met. These sensors ensure quality and consistency of water treatment processes.
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry: It's extremely important to have strict control over all conditions in a chemical facility, our reliable and accurate sensors and monitors help a range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals.
  • Renewable energy industry: Wind Power units, or wind turbines, use pressure transmitters to monitor safety and efficiency. Wind turbines may be large, but they depend heavily on several sensors to operate.
  • Heating and cooling industry: Pressure transmitters are utilized to optimize cooling cycles and increase efficiency. The JUMO Midas SI functions as a compressor, it is available with relative pressure and absolute pressure measuring ranges.
  • Packaging and plastics industry: Surface temperatures must be closely monitored when working with plastic sealing technology
  • Gas, Oil, and Mining Industries: Pressure transmitters play an instrumental role in the mining industry to monitor pressure at different stages to ensure safety.
  • Railway Industry: Pressure sensors are used to determine proximity and speed of trains.
  • Building Management: Sensors are important in building management to ensure the upkeep and safety of the property.
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers

The Right Pressure Measurement Tool For Your Application

You may be asking yourself - what pressure measurement tool do I need? We have you covered! JUMO provides testing equipment for a number of different applications.

Understanding your specific use case will help you to choose the right product for your needs. For example, some pressure sensors or transmitters can be used universally, but that is not always the case. Pressure measurement has many use cases. Are you looking for a pressure transmitter for commercial vehicles, for compression, or refrigeration engineering? What about laboratory technology? Be sure you understand the WHY behind the need. Contact us here with questions and we can help guide you to the right solution.

You will also want to understand the key features that you need from one of our pressure measurement products.

Are you looking for a Differential Pressure Transmitter for non-aggressive gases? One of our best selling transmitters, for this use case is economical and versatile. Using targeted compensation of each sensor, the temperature drift is reduced to a minimum. It’s versatile, allowing for a wide range of measuring capabilities to ensure the individual adaptation to any application.

Looking for an OEM Pressure Transmitter? Another one of our best selling pressure transmitters, the JUMO Midas SI, is reliable and versatile. We ensure the highest quality of each of our transmitters as they each pass a full inspection within the completely-automatic measuring and calibration facility. The process is guaranteed by a high burst of pressure, however, if the burst pressure is exceeded, the structural design prevents filling oil leakage.

Accurately measuring pressure levels is a key component of operations in several modern industries. Measuring and controlling pressure is extremely important to prevent disasters such as explosions, promote safety, and ensure quality and control. Pressure measurement instruments need to be accurate and reliable, no matter what application they are used in.

At JUMO, we make pressure sensors and switches, pressure transducers, and differential pressure transmitters that are reliable, consistent and top of the line. Our advanced innovative solutions can help streamline your business operations to boost productivity.

Contact us online or call us at 315-437-5866 to learn more about our approach to solving some of the prevailing problems in the food and beverage industry. We are dedicated to helping you find a solution for your business’s pressure measurement needs - JUMO is your partner for sensor and automation solutions.


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