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Blog Post September 26, 2022

Reliable Heat Treatment Solutions For the Industrial Furnace Industry

Heat treating is a group of industrial, thermal, and metalworking processes used to alter the physical and chemical properties of a material. The most common application is metallurgical - or the process of extracting metals from their ores. Heat treatments are also used in the manufacturing of many other materials, such as glass, ceramic, and clay.Those who are not involved in the industrial furnace construction industry may not be aware of the requirements that furnaces have to meet, in addition to the kinds of extreme process conditions they have to withstand during manufacturing and processing.JUMO is aware of your challenges as a manufacturer. We support you as a partner and provide you with fast solutions for the control, regulation, monitoring, recording, and visualization of temperature.

Temperature Sensors for Industrial Furnaces

Industrial heat treatment furnaces pose extremely high temperatures, making the use of thermocouples necessary. A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature, consisting of two dissimilar metal wires connected to a thermocouple thermometer.
Different materials are used for the protection tube depending on the operating location of the furnace. Metal protection tubes are made of steel that has a high percentage of nickel and chromium for oxidizing atmospheres. JUMO thermocouple tubes are comprised of gas-proof ceramics made of C610 and C799. C610 contains a high percentage of aluminum oxide, while C799 is a highly fireproof material - allowing for temperatures up to 1800 °C.
All JUMO thermocouples meet the AMS2750 and CQI-9 requirements - increasing the reliability of your plant process and product quality. Our certified laboratory guarantees impartial measured values and a consistently high level of quality.
Learn about our heat treating furnace compatible Screw-In Thermocouples

Precise Control of Temperature

When firing, annealing, or tempering various materials, precise temperature curves are critical. The use of JUMO PID control algorithms has proven to be extremely reliable in industrial furnace systems - regardless of furnace type - oil, gas, or electricity. Our programmable schedules make it possible to accurately represent firing curves or the process screen. And our high-quality process controllers ensure the most diverse processes are controlled in an energy-efficient manner.
With the support of Fieldbus systems, measurement data can be recorded and analyzed for each and every batch - especially helpful to industrial furnace manufacturers who produce parts for the aerospace and automobile industry.

Monitoring & Recording

Using the devices in the JUMO LOGOSCREEN family of paperless recorders, process data is collected quickly and then smoothly archived in a secure, tamper-proof manner. Data can be evaluated directly on the device or on a computer using JUMO PCA3000 evaluation software.
All JUMO recorders provide the following options:

  • Online visualization of process data
  • Various limit value monitoring methods
  • A remote alarm in case of a malfunction
  • Simultaneous recording of batch processes.
  • Meet the measurement technology requirements stated in AMS2750 and CQI-9

JUMO paperless recorders offer the highest levels of security in measured data recording, data archiving, and data evaluation. Superior protection enables you to optimize process parameters and throughput while still guaranteeing a product of the highest quality.
JUMO paperless recorders are also available in different power ratings. A wide variety of scalable systems are available for the multitude of recording tasks:

  • JUMO LOGOSCREEN 601 offers up to 24 channels
  • JUMO mTRON T offers up to 54 channels.
  • JUMO LOGOSCREEN 700 offers up to 60 analog and digital channels in total

These compact, configurable safety temperature limiters help detect and avert dangers that could cause injury to people, be harmful to the environment, or destroy production plants and products. All of these devices are built to monitor processes accurately and switch the system to an operationally safe status in the event of an accident or malfunction.


For electric heating industrial furnaces, the kind of heat source determines the maximum temperature that can be reached when heating.
JUMO offers solid state relays and thyristor controllers suitable for resistive and resistive-inductive loads. Thyristor power controllers are used where larger resistive and inductive loads have to be switched - they consist of 2 antiparallel switched thyristors, the insulated heat sink, and the control electronics.
The thyristor controllers have current limiting and optional control algorithms to ensure a consistent power output. Generous device dimensioning allows for a long, undisturbed operation of your plant.
JUMO’s high-quality product line provides reliability to automation in your furnace solutions.

Choose JUMO

JUMO has been a leading manufacturer of measurement and control technology for more than 70 years - helping us become the expert partner for industrial furnace construction and heat treatment process automation.
We make a wide variety of temperature measurement and control devices that are reliable, consistent, and top-of-the-line. Our advanced and innovative solutions can help streamline your business operations to boost productivity in your control systems.
Contact us online or call us at 315-437-5866 to learn more about our approach to solving some of the common problems faced by the industrial furnace industry. We are dedicated to helping you find a solution for your business’ heat treatment needs - JUMO is your partner for sensor and automation solutions.


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