Unbridled growth on the subcontinent

JUMO India turns ten

JUMO India Pvt. Ltd., the Indian subsidiary of the JUMO Group of companies, celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2018. From humble beginnings, a company with 25 employees and sales of several employees and a turnover of several million euros.

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As the 21st JUMO subsidiary, JUMO India was officially opened in 2008 at the Industrial Automation trade fair in Bangalore. The pioneers of the first hour Rupesh Desale and Prakash Rao are still part of the successful team today. India was and is a promising growth market for JUMO and an important gateway for opening up the Asian region.

The hopes at the time have been fulfilled, which is why JUMO Export Manager Reiner Riedl's retrospective is extremely positive: "The Indian subsidiary has convinced us time and again over all these years with growth rates in excess of double digits in some cases. It was a stroke of luck that we entered the market there at an early stage, as this enabled us to quickly make a good name for ourselves with our products."

Peer Hohage, who is responsible for the Indian subsidiary as Business Development Manager, is optimistic about the future: "India has 5 percent of global freshwater resources, but has to supply 16 percent of the world's population with drinking water. This is why high-quality measurement and control technology 'made in Germany' is in great demand, especially in this area. This continues to open up great growth potential for us."

According to Hohage, however, the challenges of the market there should not be underestimated. "We always like to think of India as a country like Germany, but in terms of political structure it is more like Europe. In the individual states, for example, there are very different taxes, laws or customs duties." That's why it's important for JUMO to have offices in nine locations on the subcontinent, he says. The JUMO headquarters is located in Gurgaon - a satellite city near New Delhi with 800,000 inhabitants.

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