Successful final exams for six JUMO trainees

Work life may come!

Six industrial-technical trainees from JUMO GmbH & Co. KG successfully passed their exams and received their final certificates from the hands of the managing director and shareholder Bernhard Juchheim. Niklas Trapp achieved the best result with a grade one, all the others received a grade two.


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"You have taken the first important hurdle to a successful professional life. Now it is up to you to make the best of it," explained Bernhard Juchheim during the ceremony. Against the background of the ever increasing shortage of skilled workers, he said that the completion of a dual training program was currently the best entry ticket into the job market.

In the presence of Alexandra Dantmann, Head of Human Resources, Thomas Müller, Chairman of the Works Council, Frank Blasinger, Head of Industrial Training, and the industrial trainers, Bernhard Juchheim praised the trainees' examination performance and diligence.

Alexandra Dantmann thanked the trainers Thomas Plur, Sebastian Krenzer, Frank Decher, Raphael Gutmann and the industrial training manager Frank Blasinger, who have accompanied the trainees over the past three and a half years and successfully prepared them for the examination and their future careers.

Five trainees will be taken on by JUMO, and one has decided to study at university. The following trainees successfully passed their exams: Lorenz Heil, Nico Nechvatal, Niklas Trapp (each an industrial mechanic), Jonas Leinweber, Julius Schneider (each a tool mechanic), Nico Kreß (electronics technician).

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