Flow monitoring

Flow monitoring

The rate of flow of the cooling water is controlled via the beer temperature. The higher this is, the faster the water flows through the cooler. The perfect measurement method for this application is magnetic-inductive flow measurement. Furthermore, the data is monitored by a recorder, which is also very important for traceability.

Process data
Temperature of the ice water 1 to 2 °C
Operating pressure 10 bar
Pressure differential 2 to 4 bar

Recommended solution for flow monitoring

Go with the flow for optimum cooling

Solution for flow monitoring and recording

Even though the rate of flow essentially depends on the beer temperature we recommend constantly monitoring the flow with the JUMO flowTRANS MAG H01 flowmeter. It is also advisable to record the values. Here we use the JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 paperless recorder, which not only records but also triggers alarms or other functions in such cases as the beer flowing too fast or too slowly.

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