Redox measurement

Redox measurement

The redox value is the decisive measurand to check the basic water quality. This is why in small swimming pools, such as private pools, disinfection is controlled by this value alone. For reliable monitoring of the water quality we recommend a JUMO tecLine electrode in conjunction with the JUMO dTRANS pH 02 or the JUMO AQUIS touch S if recording and more comprehensive control functions are required.

Process data
Redox value 730 to 770 mV

Our components for redox measurement

Reliable solution for clean water

JUMO ensures reliable redox measurement

JUMO tecLine redox combination electrodes reliably check the quality and therefore the effectiveness of disinfection in swimming pool water. A voltage value (mV) is determined using the electrode which provides information on the ratio of disinfectant (chlorine) and contamination (organic substances, germs). As the redox potential depends on the pH value and temperature these measurands are also determined in the swimming pool and their values kept constant.